Date: Sep 05 2015
Collection: Inspiration series - 2015
Type of talk: Other


Jayapataka Swami: …after midnight we take a non-grain meal. Radharani the Supreme pleasure potency of the Lord, we only fast till noon. And then we take grains. So somebody asked Srila Prabhupada, “Why so little austerity for Radharani?” He said, “She is more merciful.” (laughing)

Anyway I’ve been talking the last few days, how after Krishna, He decided that He would come again as a devotee, and He would not use his normal weapons of violence. He only use a spiritual weapons of harinama sankirtana, and… That’s for Lord Caitanya. But Krishna killed many demons. Kamsa ah... he tried to kill Krishna in many ways. In fact he was driving the chariot for his sister, Devaki and then there was an akasa-vani, a voice in the sky that said, “The eighth child of your sister will kill you.”

“What! What! What!” He grabbed her by the hair, he was immediately going to cut off her head. Vasudeva, he had to think very fast. He said, “Listen, on the day of the wedding it doesn’t look good for you to kill your sister, and anyway it’s the eighth child, so there is nothing to worry about.”

He tried in many ways, but Kamsa was not convinced. Then he said I will give you each of the children to you, and since Vasudeva was known as a… always to tell the truth, so Kamsa readily agreed. But then Kamsa locked him up in the prison, with Devaki.

When the first child was born, he dutifully gave the child over to Kamsa. He said, “Well this is your first child, it is the eighth child which is a possible threat.” Kamsa, he was a demon, and at first he thought, “It’s true, it’s only the eight child who was supposed to kill me. But who knows if the voices in the sky got it right, maybe it’s the first child.” So he smashed the child into the wall, (makes crashing sound), killed it.

He was you can say a serial killer, and he had a witch Putana, go around and kill all of the children who were recently born. She was a real serial killer. She had put poison on her breasts, and took the form of beautiful young woman, and then gave the baby her breast, “suck the milk, my dear baby.”

The baby would suck the milk and die instantly. Like that she had killed many, many, many, many babies, countless. So she came to the Gokul, to Nandagram, and there she took her beautiful form as a young lady, and then she came in and she charmed Yasoda. She said “Oh, what a beautiful child you have, what a beautiful child. I feel like motherly affection, can I feed your child my milk, my breast milk?”, and she took the child off Yasoda’s lap, and then she said… she thought, “Pshew! If I had a baby I would like to have one like this. Too bad I have to kill it.”

So then, she put her breast in the mouth of Krishna, when he was a young baby. So because she wanted to kill him, he reciprocated with her, and he sucked the life air from her body. And she was saying, “Leave me, leave me, child leave me, leave me ah... leave me... ahh...” (Applause) But then she died, and her atma, soul went to the spiritual world to become one of the Krishna’s mothers, because she had thought, “I would like to be a mother of this child.” And… but when she died she took her witch form, which was very ugly and big.

So how merciful Krishna was, just by thinking, “I would like to be the mother of this child.”, he raised her to the spiritual world. You see, Lord Brahma has a thousand maha catur yugas in one day. That’s 4,300,000,000, and he has an equally long night, total then is 8,640,000,000 years. And then Krishna comes once.

In every yuga, Visnu comes, or some other form of Krishna, but Krishna comes once in the day of Brahma. And sometimes after Krishna comes, Lord Caitanya. So Lord Krishna predicted in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, that after 5000 years one of his devotee’s will come and spread the message of Krishna consciousness all over the world. That would usher in a golden age of 10,000 years.

So I was seeing so many devotees bathing the Lord, or giving their offering to bathe the Lord tonight. If you understand that this the beginning of the golden age… Srila Prabhupada personally came to Malaysia. Devotees are celebrating Krishna Janmastami because of Srila Prabhupada’s encouragement. So he wished to all of you grihastas, to give some time to participate in the activities of chanting, hearing and namhatta, adi, bhakti-vrksha, and so on. The initiated devotees chant 16 x 108, that’s 1,728 every day, but even if you chant only one round or 2 x 108, that’s 1.25 million in a year.

Please, please, please, use this valuable human form of life, to be as Krishna conscious as possible. Actually Malaysia is considered to be a holy place. Malaya hills are mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavata Purana. The sandalwood would be used to bathe the deities, from the Malaya hills. So we hope that all of you get the mercy of Krishna, and go back to the spiritual world, where there is no death, no old age and no disease. Since there is no death, there is no rebirth.

How many would like to take another birth? How many would like to go back to the spiritual world?

Devotees: Hari Bol!

Jayapataka Swami: So it just takes a small investment. To chant one round is a maximum of seven and half minutes. And to chant 16 round’s takes 2 hours, maximum, and if you are a little fast, you can cut down by about 1/4th. So anyway all of you are blessed by having participated in Shri Krishna Janmastami and tomorrow we are also the Vyasa Puja of our Founder-Acharya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. So you are also welcome to come tomorrow.

Big feast.

Thank you very much.

Devotees: Hari Bol! (Applause)

Transcribed by: Sadananda Krishnaprem Das on 07-09-2015