Sankirtan Awards Night @ Sri Mayapur Dham

Date: Mar 12 2014
Location: Sridhama Mayapur
Collection: Inspiration series - 2014
Type of talk: Pandal Address
Event: Gaura Purnima Festival

SANKIRTAN AWARDS NIGHT MAYAPUR-2014 mukam karoti vachalam pangum langhayate girim yat-kripa tam aham vande shri-gurum dina-taranam Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Iswaram This is marked one of the important ceremonies of the festival, the transcendental book distribution awards. Prabhupad was so happy to see this books printed and distributed. I saw that Srila Prabhupad he was literally crying one day. He was so happy that the Brihad mridanga was been played. When we were in Mayapur during Prabhupad’s presence there were not so many visitors. So Prabhupad said he wanted to see many visitors on since that only we have Gaura Purnima and Rasa yatra. I used to take out the book distribution party and HH Bhakti Caru Maharaj and HH Tatpar Maharaj many others were on the sankirtan party and living at down the nine islands and we were totally depending on Krsna to distribute his books. It was a special feeling. So of course from the day I was Bhakta in the temple, Srila Prabhupad head us distributing books. That time there were not many books. Now we have so many BBT publications. At that time there was only Back to Godhead and Bhagavat Gita and few small books. So we were distributing the books. Even then Prabhupad told us we should distribute 10,000 big books every month and 100,000 small books. So now Mayapur has many sankirtan vans, in Tirupati they have in different places at the pilgrim sites, getting those pilgrim sites were ayogya. And Delhi they have some people who are experts to get the government offices to buy books and around the world you see in each country they had developed such systems that they may not know that I am a great fan of sankirtan website. One sankirtan devotee asked me” what personal service can I do for you”? But since they were doing book distribution I said “that is the personal service”. Still they wanted to do some service. So I said “well, tell me some sankirtan pastime”. For me this is Lord Caitanya’s activities on earth now to hear the different pastimes of book distribution and preaching. So I said “you tell me one pastime a day”. So that was in Los Angeles. One a day added up 365 a year, a lot of lilas. So I hear the lilas from Czech Republic, from Russia, from Africa, from various parts. Some lilas were told by Vijay and some lilas by other book distributors. And then now Mayapur devotees they also came back and told me some book distribution pastimes. In Caitanya Bhagavad it says “Adyapiha sei lila kare gora raya kono kono bhagyavane dekhibarepaya”. That Lord Caitanya’s pastimes are still going on today and those who are far far fortunate they can see those pastimes even today. So I think that the book distribution is one of the pastimes of Lord Caitanya today. So actually we wanted the Lord use us as His instruments to reach out and give Krsna Consciousness to the conditioned souls and how much we could tell them, if they read the book very good. Hundreds of hours no thousands of hours of instructions. So I personally thank all these sankirtan devotees for book distribution and I am very happy that many congregation members are also engaging themselves in book distribution.