Saturday, Jun 06 1998

Location: Nova Gokula Farm Brazil

Friday, 5 Jun 98

Camp: ISKCON Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda Temple at Nova Gokula Farm Brazil.

As I am travelling in South America Krishna Kumari dd from Mayapur sent me a letter which contained a nectarean description of the Puspa Dol Mayapur Deity festival going on that I wanted to share with all of you.

It is an austerity for me to leave the holy dham and travel to different parts, but if I can bring the nectar of Sridham Mayapur to the Devotees then it is an austerity that is worthwhile.

Here is the nectar:

Tonight Small, Small Radha Madhava are in their house of flowers. It is most exquisitely constructed with looped and twisted garlands of tuberose and marigolds interspersed with Goloka Champa, roses, jasmine and spider lilies. A delicate curtain of tuberose is tied at both sides through the opening of which we can view the Divine Couple. Sri Sri Radha Madhavas’s asana is richly decorated with fragrant flowers. Above Their head hangs an umbrella of madhavi lata. Blooming while lotuses adorn the top of the asana.

Their Lordships are wearing clothes of pale yellow and silver lace. They have diamante crowns studded with rubies. Madhava wears a necklace of gunga berries and one of pearls. In one hand Radha offers betel nut to Krsna and in the other She holds a Pink rose. Their garlands are completely sweet-single stands of tuberose with frangipanis formed into “lanterns”. Their Lordships look so beautiful, smiling through Their flower archway, cooled by water droplets from a tinkling fountain.

I hope this finds you blissful and healthy in Krishna consciousness.

Your ever well wisher,
Jayapataka Swami

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