Thursday, May 21 1998

Location: Damodara desh

Srila Acharyapada's Visit to Damodardesa.

Srila Acaryapada arrived in Damodardesa (Dubai) on the 20th of May from Doha. The flight arrived at 12.20am. In spite of his incessant travelling , especially when the flights are at odd hours, Srila Acaryapada was still ever smiling, showering his blessings on few who went to the Airport to receive him. We reached Panicker prabhu’s house at about 2.30am and Srila Acaryapada immediately came into the altar room and started inquiring about the well being of all the devotees present there. Finally we requested him to take rest as the morning program had to start at 5.30 am. Srila Acaryapada promptly woke up at 5.15am with a sleep of only 2 hours and was ready for the class at about 5.45am. About 75 devotees turned up for the morning program, which included about 30 devotees from a neighboring city Shyamadesa (Sharjah).

Srila Acaryapada gave a wonderful class on the 1st canto, 8th chapter, 27thh verse from Prayers of Queen Kunti, wherein he very nicely explained that how if we understand that Supreme Lord Krishna as the proprietor of all that be, then we need not give up anything artificially. What we have to give up is the sense of proprietorship and thus become an akincana devotee of the Lord.

We had the good fortune of having HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami Maharaj who also joined the class in the end and spoke about how everyone is united on the platform of Krishna Consciousness.

After the class both Srila Acaryapada and Bhakti Vikasa Maharaja had their breakfast.

At about 9.30am Srila Acaryapada gave a wonderful show on the ISKCON CD interactive. It was really enlivening and wonderful. We told Srila Acaryapada to take rest as he had take a flight the same day at 2.55pm for LON, but he simply went on with the show for the pleasure of all the devotees. Finally the show was ended at about 11am and then Srila Acaryapada went around and met all the devotees inquiring about their well being and showering his mercy upon everyone. The amount of Love, Care and attention he gives to everyone is phenomenal and this transcendental quality of his endears him to one and all.

Finally Srila Acaryapada had his lunch prasadam at about 12.15 pm and at 1pm left for the airport to catch a flight to LON.

This was yet another wonderful and a transcendental visit by Srila Acaryapada encouraging us to serve him more and more in expanding the preaching mission of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, for which he is working tirelessly without giving any due consideration to his own self.

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