Tuesday, May 19 1998

Location: Krishna Katha Desh

Every Town & Village - Jayapataka Swami Traveling Preaching Diary

Camp:18-5-98 Krsna Katha desh

Dear Godbrothers and Godsisters

Here is a short report on Srila Acharyapada’s ecstatic Preaching tour . Although unqualified and useless ,I have been requested to write few lines as diary .Here it comes !

HDG health is OK and his foot is almost back to normal ,sometime there is swelling and so HDG wear a strap band to support the ligament , His mood is always merciful .

We had a nice program in Bangalore Temple with initiation ceremony and a lot of preaching .The Temple authorities schedule HDG time up to the limit ! Bangalore Temple is very beautiful and the Presiding Deities very merciful , Special feature the enchanting sweet smile of BALAJI Srinivasa GOVINDA , The Devotee chant every morning the wonderful prayers of Vishnu Sahasranama for the pleasure and glorification of Their LORDSHIP.


Yesterday we left Bangalore in the evening flight at 8-15 and reached Bombay at 10-45 , the devotees received HDG with enthusiastic kirtan in the airport, by the time we took rest was 12-45 .We got up at 2-00am to catch the flight to Dubai and connection to Doha . Very little rest but somehow by the transcendental potency of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda we are still going strong . Today reaching Doha at 10-00 am local time , the Devotee received us and took us in Vaikunthapathi’s house , here we had to enter in civil dress because the government is quite strict , and they do not sympathize with other religious groups.

Tonight we will have program and the mercy of the Lord will continue to flow in this side of the globe too. Time to time I’ll try to give report of our Glorious Master Transcendental activities . Please bless me to continue to be the witness of this wonderful most ecstatic tour.

I Gangadas always desiring the Vaisnavas blessings beg to remain your servant/ Haribol !

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