Hearing Daily to increase our love and devotion to Our Spiritual Master

Posted on Apr 11, 2014
Hearing Daily to increase our love and devotion to Our Spiritual Master

Real love is an active principle, not something senti-MENTAL. It arises from a purified heart; purified by hearing and chanting.

It means we act in such a way as to give joy to the one we love. We try to please that beloved. Real love is not masochism or becoming a door-mat. It is the act of putting someone elses' desires before our own in a mature, intelligent way.

There are tricks of the mind that get in the way of that flow of love in action. One such trick is "Well I have already heard/read that lecture." This is simply a trick of the mind.

If we were to receive a letter from someone we love very much, we would read it over and over and over and never get tired of reading it or thinking about it. If there were a rational request or call to action in that letter, in real love we would be very enthusiastic to fulfill that request.

Gurudeva once said in class that the spiritual master's mercy is not always gifts of prasadam or garlands. That his real mercy is his instructions. There may be specific instructions to one or two disciples in order to get a specific service done. But his instructions in his classes are for all of his disciples to hear and act on.

Theses classes are his manifestation of his mercy, compassion and love for us. Our way of reciprocating is to hear them carefully and follow through on them to our fullest ability.

How enthusiastic we are in our following these instructions shows how much we really love and honor our Spiritual Master. It is always simply a question of how sincere we are. When Krishna sees we are really sincere, then He is ready to become bound by the love of that sincere devotee.

So let's tell the mind to be still and open our hearts to hear the prema flowing from our beloved Gurudeva.

Let's make a commitment to get serious.

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