Flooding The Desert

Posted on Apr 11, 2014
Flooding The Desert

Flooding the desert

Srila Acharyapada’s visit has many times been associated with rain in this desert land.

A few days ago, HDG visited our neighbouring country. Immediately after that, a big wind arose here. This is normally a sure sign of rain. We are sure it is the Lord’s mercy that it did not rain that day. Instead, the wind died out the next day when we had organised a transcendental picnic in a farm during the Eid holidays (over 200 devotees came).

The day after that, it poured cats and dogs. We had organised another holiday program, in an interior place. We somehow drove through the rain, which stopped, and had almost arrived at the small town, when we reached a wadi ( a dry river bed) next to the town.

The wadi was in full flood, and the road was impassable. All the traffic was stopped on both sides of the river, and we waited for 3 hours for the flood to subside.

Meanwhile, one car of devotees from the capital had arrived earlier. Over a hundred devotees from the neigbourhood had come. As they performed kirtana at the small temple (the house of 3 devotees who are living together), water started flooding in. Everyone went to the rooftop. Water rose to a level of almost 3 feet in the temple room.

Finally, we arrived, the water had subsided, and we waded through the muddy waters to reach the temple.

We were reminded of the Ganges Flood video and audio tapes of the JPSTM. Who would have expected to see this kind of scene in a desert! I told the devotees about what Srila Acharyapada had mentioned in one of His lectures: whenever the Ganges floods, this means that Lord Caitanya wants the place to be flooded with His mercy by the devotees. They cheered and promised to do the same for their small desert town - flood it with Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mercy!

Srila Acharyapada ki jayyyyyyyy!